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A Few Highlights

January 2, 2017

I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing people and have some very cool experiences over the past few years.  Here are a few selected highlights.

Aaron Zhou, Animation Director, Monkey King: Hero Returns (Beijing)

Chris Edwards, Co-founder, THETHIRDFLOOR (Beijing)

Chris Bremble, Founder & CEO, Base FX (Beijing)

Scott Ross, Co-founder, Digital Domain (Beijing)

Scott Ross, Co-founder, Digital Domain (Beijing)

Assistant instructor for Academy Award winning filmmaker Chris Landreth’s “Making Faces” Masterclass

Acting demonstration for Chris Landreth’s “Making Faces” Masterclass (Beijing)

Acting demonstration for Chris Landreth’s “Making Faces” Masterclass (Shanghai)

Acting demonstration for Chris Landreth’s “Making Faces” Masterclass (Shanghai)

Hosting the US China Film & Television Expo animation panel (Los Angeles) – featuring Mark Benson, CEO, MPC, Penny Finkelman Cox, President, Original Force Animation & Zhou Guangming, Deputy Director, ACG China

“China Indie Animation” lecture @ Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Shanghai

Hosting CAGN’s “Game Sound Session” (Shanghai)

Lecturing @ Central St Martin’s (London)

Chai Mi, Wang Yingqi, Liu Jiamin, Shen Jie, Lei Lei & Chen Xi at CAGN’s “China Indie Animation” event

Bob Munroe, Director, C.O.R.E Digital (Shanghai)

Gary Wang, CEO, Light Chaser Animation (Beijing)

Zhou Yu & Henry Yin, Producers, Light Chaser Animation (Beijing)

Lei Lei (indie filmmaker) in Shanghai

Panelist at the Beijing Film Academy’s iAVRrc (virtual reality) event (Beijing)

Hosting CAGN’s “China Indie Animation” event (Shanghai)

Shen Jie, Wang Yingqi, Lei Lei & Chai Mi at the CAGN “China Indie Animation” event (Shanghai)

Richard Chuang, Co-founder, PDI (Beijing)

Richard Chuang, Co-founder, PDI (Beijing)

Ding Liang, CEO, Fantawild (Shenzhen)

Ding Liang, CEO, Fantawild (Shenzhen)

Shen Jie (indie animator) in Shanghai

John Dietz, VFX Supervisor, Bang Bang Pictures (Beijing)

Kevin Geiger, BFA Professor & Former VP, Disney China (Beijing)

Wayne England, EP & Sam Khorshid, VFX Supervisor, Phenom Films (Beijing)

Brian Dowrick, Animation Director, VHQ Asia (Beijing)

Jan Heinze, Executive Producer, Pixomondo Beijing

Chen Gang, CEO & Executive Producer, cgfish (Beijing)

Pi San, indie filmmaker and founder, Hutoon (Shanghai)

Huang Tao, Yu Shui & Pi San (indie animators) in Shanghai

Sarah Smith, Writer, Director & Co-founder, Locksmith Animation (Stuttgart)

Guest on ‘Voices’ (TV Show), ICS Shanghai

Anthony La Molinara, Animation Director (Shanghai)

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