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Chris Landreth’s “Making Faces” Masterclass 2014

July 22, 2014
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Chris Landreth made his much-anticipated return to China in late June 2014 to teach his Making Faces master class at the iacc studio in Songjiang.

The intimate 3-day master class was attended by animators from the game and television industries, from companies including EA, Virtuos and SMG.

The first day served as a general introduction to the importance of facial animation, leading into an in-depth study of the anatomical make-up of the human face. The whole day was conducted entirely in the life drawing studio, where Chris made use of photo reference taken from brave volunteers to capture the forms of the human head and facial emotion expressions for the students to draw.  I was delighted to reprise my role from the 2013 class, acting out the 7 basic emotions for video reference.

faces edit    Chris-screen

Day two and three moved next door onto the production suite workstations where Chris took the students into Maya, teaching efficient and effective animation techniques using the software that he helped to develop back in the 90s. Quick projects reinforced the student learning experience, aided by Chris’ one to one guidance.

From China, Chris continues travelling the world, next teaching Making Faces and screening Subconscious Password at the Anima Mundi festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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