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Chris Landreth’s “Making Faces” Masterclass 2013

May 22, 2013

Independent filmmaker, CG pioneer and one of the original developers of the Maya software, Chris Landreth is responsible for the classic animated shorts The End (1995), Bingo (1998), Ryan (2004), and The Spine (2009).  Ryan received the Academy Award in 2005 for Best Animated Short Film, along with 60 other international awards.  His latest short ‘Subconscious Password’ has been appearing in festivals worldwide for the past 12 months to much acclaim, including winning ‘Best Animated Short’ at the 2013 Annecy International Animation Festival.  Chris’s films explore storytelling based on human psychology as much as photorealistic character animation, an approach Chris calls “psychorealism”.

Course Introduction

“Making Faces” is a master class for animators and character riggers who want to master the art of Facial Animation.

Since birth we’ve been hard-wired to see the minute details of human faces.  When we see a CG animated character, we know instantly when his or her face is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  This course will focus on creating and animating the faces of human characters that are ‘right’ – that is, realistic, believable and compelling.  We’ll focus on learning the appearance and behaviour of the face, then applying this to the faces of detailed Maya characters.

Chris teaches this class in a variety of formats, ranging from 3-hour lectures to 42-hour courses with intensive, hands-on learning.

Studios, institutions and conferences at which Chris has given this class include:

  • DreamWorks, California, USA
  • DreamWorks, Bangalore, India
  • Digital Domain, Vancouver
  • Seneca College, Toronto, Canada
  • Sheridan College, Toronto, Canada
  • CalArts, California, USA
  • Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA
  • Georges Méliès School of Filmmaking, France
  • FMX (conference), Stuttgart, Germany
  • iacc-DeTao, Shanghai & Beijing (2013)

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