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CAGN: Game Sound Session

March 11, 2015

China Animation & Game Network with Game Audio Lab


An audiovisual extravaganza of presentations & live performances from leading game sound designers, score composers and voice-over talent

CAGN with Game Audio Lab are assembling an exceptional roster of audio practitioners to provide a rare and fascinating insight into the unsung world of video game sound production, for fellow professionals and the creatively curious alike.  Austrian International Red Bull complete the evening with an exclusive screening of the RBMA documentary “Diggin’ In The Carts”.

As always, the event will be a great opportunity to congregate with fellow animation and game professionals, network and catch up with the cutting-edge creators in the industry.

  • Date: Thursday 12th March
  • Time: 7pm – 10.30pm
  • Venue: Arcade, 2/F, 57 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu
  • Entry: No cover
  • Red Bull drink specials all night
  • Talks and screenings will be a combination of English and Chinese



Alex Riviere

Founder & Audio Director, Game Audio Lab

PRESENTATION: “A Day in the Life of a Sound Designer”

Alex casts a wry eye on his profession of choice, taking us behind the scenes on a whistle-stop tour through a typically frenetic day in the life of an audio artist. What does a sound designer really do? And how do they do it? Marvel as Alex effortlessly crams 24 hours, video views, sfx tests, music and voice-over demos into ten miraculous minutes.

Audio artist and entrepreneur Alex relocated to Shanghai to take up the reigns of a post-production sound studio after five years as music producer and composer for Sony Music France, producing music for more than 30 record albums, including one Platinum Record and one Gold Record. Three years later, Alex built his dream studio, Game Audio Lab, one of the few worldwide sound studios dedicated exclusively to video games.  GAL are currently working on numerous major game projects including Call of Duty Online, Final Fantasy XIV and Transformers: Rising.


Rueben Marley [INTERVIEW HERE]

Voice Over Artist

LIVE PERFORMANCE: ‘A VO Master at work’

Rueben treats us to a live demonstration of the vocal skills that have seen him in demand with China’s biggest brands and games.

Rueben Marley has lent his remarkable vocal talents to brands like, China Toyota Dealers,, Jiangsu TV, MOMB for XBOX One/PS4, as well as various industrial videos, technical narrations, radio/TV imaging, podcasts, e-learning media, indie games, animated shorts and ADR/dubbing. If you find yourself aboard a domestic flight, you might even hear him narrate the “emergency landing procedures video”!


Yang Jie aka Digimonk

Sound Wizard

PRESENTATION: Audio Outsourcing Mini-Master Class

Sound guru, audio authority and awesomely named Digimonk will draw on his vast experience from an illustrious career cooperating with international clients to deliver an essential master class for fellow professionals and regular Joes alike. He’ll cover what should be outsourced, how it should be done and how to avoid the common pitfalls. An unmissable opportunity to pick up priceless pearls of wisdom from the man who’s seen and heard it all.

Yang Jie aka Digimonk, is one of the leading game sound designers in China, with over 20 years experience working with the likes of Ubisoft, 2K, Virtuos on a raft of the most significant AAA and PC titles.  His immense expertise have been employed as an instructor by China’s biggest hitters including Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World, King Soft, 9You and Sohu Changyou, as well as The Music Conservatory of Shanghai and Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.


Hao Luo

Wave Music Production

LIVE PERFORMANCE: ‘Classical Super Mario’

Violin virtuoso and distinguished composer Hao joins us from Ningbo to reimagine the iconic Super Mario theme in an exclusive live performance.

Hao Luo is music director of Wave Music Production, a studio focusing on using midi instruments to create music and sound effects for movies, advertising, TV, animation and games.   Having graduated from the Australia Institute of Music, Hao returned to China to set up his studio in Ningbo.


Olivier Paschal

Audio Director, 2K Games

PRESENTATION: Why Do We Have Ears? A Sound Awareness Initiation

Olivier is constantly stimulated by the limitless potential of interactive media.  His MO is to raise awareness of the importance of sound, a vital medium of communication still obscure for many people in a society obsessed with images.  Our sound don will set the stage for the evening with a rousing introduction to all things audio, demonstrating its immense power to engage, move and inspire.

Following graduation from the world-renowned Studio De La Grande Armée, Olivier launched a prolific career working on score composition, mixing for movies and rock bands, theatre sound design, voice casting and anime localization. After a stint in Morocco, Olivier relocated to Shanghai where he has spent five years leading the sound department for 2K Games China, working on well-known titles like NBA2K, Borderlands, XCOM, Civilization Revolution and Top Spin.

SCREENING: Diggin’ in the Carts’: The Dawn of a New Era

Over more than three decades, Japanese video games have featured some of the most recognizable melodies in the world of global pop culture,  yet most of the people who created these timeless tunes have remained faceless.  This new documentary series released by the Red Bull Music Academy tells the story of the men and women behind Japan’s greatest musical export.  Over six episodes, Diggin’ In The Carts explores the history of Japanese video game music from the 8-bit era until today. “We want to show that these Japanese men and women had an incredible influence on the global culture and on some of the biggest names in modern music,” says Nick Dwyer, the creator of the series.

In episode “The Dawn of a New Era”, the ’80s give way to the ’90s, 16-bit technology arrives and video games become more vivid and more dynamic than ever before.  Titles like Street Fighter 2 are contributing to a global video game boom and ensuring that the music of composers like Yoko Shimomura was blaring out of news agents, fish and chips shops, and arcades the world over.

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