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Game Sound Session: Highlights

March 22, 2015

China Animation & Game Network with Game Audio Lab and Red Bull present an audiovisual extravaganza of presentations & live performances from leading game sound designers, score composers and voice-over talent.  We assembled an exceptional roster of audio practitioners to provide a rare and fascinating insight into the unsung world of video game sound production, for fellow professionals and the creatively curious alike.  Austrian International Red Bull completed the evening with an exclusive screening of the RBMA documentary “Diggin’ In The Carts”.  As always, the event was a great opportunity for animation and game professionals to congregate, network and catch up with the cutting-edge creators in the industry.  More info here.

Thursday 12th March | 7pm – 10.30pm | Arcade, 2/F, 57 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu

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