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CAGN: Indie Game Slam

November 23, 2014

CHINA ANIMATION & GAME NETWORK (CAGN) returns next Thursday 27th November for the Indie Game Slam – an evening of inspiring talks by some of Shanghai’s most dynamic independent game developers.

Shanghai’s gamers, animators, storytellers and creative professionals will unite at Arcade to hear stories of entrepreneurism and innovation from fearless indie pioneers out big game hunting.  As always, the event is also a great opportunity to catch up, meet new friends and network with fellow professionals.

  • Arcade, 2/F, 57 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu
  • Thursday 27th November
  • Doors at 7.30pm.  Presentations start at 8.15pm
  • No need to register
  • Free entry!

Please note: Presentations will be in English



Jerry Verhoeven & Ben Kerslake (Grinning Pickle)

Super Witch Hunter 

Jerry and Ben lay bare the trials, tribulations and processes involved in their game development journey. Follow the growth of SUPER WITCH HUNTER from jam prototype to fully fledged development, accompanied by a thorough deconstruction of the atomic elements present in a Grinning Pickle title. Ben will then take us on a rapid deep dive into the evolution of the games particular style.

Born of restless frustration with large, sprawling development teams and a healthy addiction to game jams, Grinning Pickle is the embryonic indie development team aiming to bring players hyper-delicious gaming experiences, pickled to perfection.


Anna Grüter (ReignDesign)

From Prototype to Polish: Tips & Tricks for Making Your Own Mobile Game

Anna is the co-founder of ReignDesign, a Shanghai based mobile development agency. The RD team developed several mobile indie games over the last 5 years under the brand ReignGames whose success partly funded their start-up. These games have had over 4 million downloads, were featured in several countries, and ranked top ten in major markets like the USA and China.  Nowadays they are developing all sorts of mobile apps for clients like Porsche, WeightWatchers, BNP Paribas, and create mobile casual games for their partners.


Wesley Bao (Coconut Island Studio)

Naughty Kitties Postmortem: Making Breakthroughs from Compromises

Wesley will introduce the development process behind Naughty Kitties, the No.1 independently made iOS game in the China App Store and Top 25 ranked in the US and Japan Stores. He’ll reveal how Coconut Island made the transition from casual game developer to mid-core F2P game mainstay and continue to create commercially successful games without compromising on innovation.

Indie game developer, producer and entrepreneur, Wesley is co-founder and CEO of Coconut Island, an independent video game studio formed in 2009. At present they concentrate on producing iPhone and Android games for casual players, aiming to transform game into a more popular and accessible art form.

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