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Trevor Lai and ‘Super BOOMi’ Taking China by Storm

December 13, 2017

Suzhou’s Up Studios founder is masterminding an IP empire, with his latest series debut racking up over 300 million views on Tencent Video.

The latest Chinese-produced animated hit, Super BOOMi, has surpassed 300 million views since launching July 20th on Tencent Video, making it the top-ranked new kids program on the platform. The 52-episode x 11″ 3D CG show, about an imaginative little bear and his dog Bibop, who invent a virtual reality world where toys come to life, also launched on national television on Beijing TV’s kids channel KAKU during China’s peak Golden Week holiday this past September 30th.  Across two weekends in November, the show topped the national television ratings chart, making it the number one cartoon on during prime time across all networks in China.

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